The paintings, drawings and prints of Christopher Kent Schumaker reveal the divergent cultural influences of this prolific artist's life. These personal visions are richly embedded with secrets and mysteries from his early childhood raised in a Cree village in Manitoba, Canada and intimately showcase vivid memories of beloved pets and long, lost toys.

This expansive artistic vision extended to his formative years immersed in Southern California surf culture, the poetry of the Beats, 60's counterculture music and the intrigue and promise of the space race. Schumaker's oeuvre deftly inhabits the archeology of an autobiographical, cultural and art historical terrain.

“ I work iteratively, that is some paintings take a week, others months. The imagery and motifs in my work are drawn from memories, the subconscious and childhood themes. There is a dialog between what I paint and the images on the canvas and sometimes that dialog, that discussion does take a while to come to fruition.

While I love the immediacy of paint and mark making, it is this long discussion with these personal motifs that drives my work and my studio practice, and has done so over the past several years as revealed in the current body of work.”

Through the insistently lush, physical layering of materials, Schumaker has created a uniquely personal and relevant voice that is both ever expanding and yet, present. In this universe of fact, fantasy and fiction all is fair game.

*Contributions by Michael Stevenson, art historian, writer, Baltimore, MD Copyright 2022.